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Monday, March 21, 2011

It Finally Caught Up with Me

The fatigue.

The day I left for my trip to Mayon, I was sick with the flu and the cold. My sister Piglet was concerned about how I would cope up in the slopes in my condition. I brushed all worries and trepidation aside! "Not to worry, chicken curry!" I assured her as I overdosed on flu meds and vitamin C.

And for the duration of the trip and a whole five days after arriving back, I was alright. Ok, granted I still had the sniffles, but since I'm asthmatic and have a history of nasal discomforts, it all didn't seem out of the ordinary to me.

Last night though I fell sick and now I'm on medication. Ugh. It was like my body said "Ok, Mayang, enough excitement. I'm going to take all that adrenalin out of your system. Go rest and sleep now, ok? No more mind-over-matter bullshit. I'm taking charge."

So re-gigging the game plan: I'm going to listen to my body for a change and rest today.

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Babs said...

rest well. :) sleep and then watch silly movies.

Mayang said...

thanks babs the day i was sick "pretty in pink" was on HBO. made me happy. although after all these years, i still want to give duckie a hug. still!

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