"I am large. I contain multitudes." - Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Monday, March 28, 2011


"God wants us. Jesus' language is spoken in a world in which God wants us. We are created by God for God. We are estranged from God and God is determined to win us back. God wants us as a lover wants the beloved. God insistently, relentlessly pursues a restored relationship with us. God seeks us. God is and has been seeking us long before we had any idea of seeking God.

Our relation with God begins with God speaking the first word. Before it ever occurs to us to speak to or even think of God. God speaks to us.

'Our God comes and does not keep silence' (Psalm 50:3). We don't come to God; God comes to us. We don't start the conversation; God starts it." ~ Eugene Peterson, Tell It Slant

I find that in my most intimate conversations with Christ, there are moments when I want to say something but I hesitate. Not because I don't know what to tell him but because I don't want to give power to the words and uttering them would make them all the more real and true. And I get choked up in tears keeping it all inside. Then I think of Him taking me in His arms. And while I am in His arms He whispers to my ear the one thing that will keep me going, and he says it with so much empathy and understanding that it hurts: "I know," He says. "I know."

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