"I am large. I contain multitudes." - Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


"Conversations are efforts toward good relations. They are an elementary form of reciprocity. They are the exercise of our love for each other. They are the enemies of our loneliness, our doubt, our anxiety, our tendencies to abdicate. To continue to be in good conversation over our enormous and terrifying problems is to be calling out to each other in the night. If we attend with imagination and devotion to our conversations, we will find what we need; and someone among us will act — it does not matter whom — and we will survive." ~ Barry Lopez

Good conversation is its own sweet reward.

I wish I had more of it in my life. I sure could use more of it.

Which is not to say that my daily verbal interactions aren't interesting. They're ok for the most part. But they're not really ones that connect people on a meaningful level. I don't necessarily walk away from the conversation thinking we're both better off for it.

I think good conversation is a meeting of minds and opening of hearts. They're not always serious - some of the best are light-hearted repartees. I guess on a day-to-day basis, That is the kind of conversation I miss. The type that leaves you inspired, or thoughtful or happier or bothered. An interaction that makes you think and feel you've contributed to something meaningful, even for just an hour or so.

I miss losing myself in a conversation. It's a good kind of lost.

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