"I am large. I contain multitudes." - Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Too Many Faces

"Sometimes when I look at my own Facebook posts and pictures and videos and stuff, I cannot help but feel a little envy for the life that this online persona, this electronic version of me, seems to have. And of course I feel weird feeling that. It's weird because the Ian Rosales Casocot online, in Facebook and elsewhere, is indeed 'me' -- and those are my thoughts, my photos, my videos, my life. And yet, I am also aware that in many ways, what I am 'creating' online is a persona a little removed from me -- it's the concentration of the best of who I am, the face I want to present to the world, having edited out the humdrum minutes where I just stare off into space, waiting for something to happen." ~ Ian Rosales Casocot

I know exactly how this feels. Which is why, aside from blogging, I'm off social media for the most part of my Christmas holidays.

So many faces of the same soul. So many 'presentations' of who I am. All to a certain degree, me. But never really. Social media is skimming. It is hardly ever a deep dive. And lately, I find I crave for authenticity. I thirst for conversation. I long for connection.


Babs said...

"I crave for authenticity" - i find it hard to befriend someone in FB whose life i'm not even a part of! how weird no? kaya nung una may screen name ako but people found me anyway. kainis. :) maybe i'll change my screen name to Ligaya or Dalisay. ha ha ha

Mayang said...

Hahaha! Ligaya! Dalisay! You are a hoot, Babs!

benjiedlp said...

don't forget "fahid" and his adventures in Tagaytay.

Mayang said...

Yes, Fahid (pronounced "Faheeed"). Who could forget? Good times!

Colleen said...

I totally like your post and blogs.

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