"I am large. I contain multitudes." - Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Friday, December 03, 2010


"O Come Divine Messiah! The world in silence waits the day. When hope shall sing its triumph and sadness flee away."

This week, I'm on my last work trip for the year. And this morning, I woke up with the sunrise. And now, I'm listening to this anthem song of mine. Listened to Twila and MercyMe too earlier while I just gazed at the sun rising from my hotel room.

When I was small - and please don't laugh at me - sunsets used to make me feel so forlorn. Sunsets made me so sad. Later on in my life, I discovered the flipside of that. Sunrises fill my heart with hope. Thank God He made me a morning person! Or maybe that's why, huh?

In this age of social media and oversharing, I've come to realize that there are moments that are meant not to be shared. And given my years as a professional hide-and-seeker (more hider than seeker, I'm afraid), I think I'm getting better at telling the difference.

When I was gazing at the sun rising in the horizon, a part of me wanted to take a photo and share it. Then I changed my mind. This morning was between me and my God. So I stopped squirming. So I sat still. Then I continued the conversation I was having with him at 1am when I couldn't sleep.

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