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Monday, December 13, 2010

Pensive and Thoughtful

Guess where I am?

Yup, I'm sitting on my sofa in the dark staring at my Christmas tree. :)

I'm really liking this Yuletide. It's different from the ones in the past because I didn't organize anything myself. Given that a lot of my friends' meet-ups have me taking care of logistics, it follows that deciding not to organize has greatly reduced the number of dinners and celebrations I need to attend.

No regrets on that front at all.

I reckon I got tired. And felt the need to rest. So I rest.

Having said that, tonight's the only evening I have to myself (and that's only because I'm flaking out on a movie premiere). From tomorrow till Friday, I do have plans. Sweet and thoughtful friends have invited me to meet ups. How wonderful that is! I love these friends for thinking of inviting me. I can't wait to see them.

But before all that, there is tonight. One more night to just enjoy my own company. Spend some time with Aslan. Savor just hanging out with Him. And listen to this lovely Christmas carol that tugs at my heart and never fails to transport me back to my country.

(Photo credit: Daniel Y. Go)

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