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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Geek Country

Many places hold meaning for me but there is a special place in my heart for Tagaytay.

A few days ago, the Manila-based geeks and their wives and I went on an overnight trip to Tagaytay. We stayed at this beautiful B&B Hacienda Isabella. And being in Tagaytay amidst the geeks made me remember the countless times I've been there with these blokes.

I remember before any of them got married and had kids, we were in Tagaytay and talked about the engagement ring one of them was planning to get his then-girlfriend-now-wife. I don't remember which geek, sorry. It's all a blur to me sometimes.

I remember crashing into N's parent's place in Tagaytay with the geeks and having breakfast of longganisa and tocino with N's family.

I remember a sleepover at Puerto Azul with the geeks then heading back to Manila via Tagaytay. That's where the one and only photo in the geekstayo yahoogroup was taken. The one where you can only see my right shoe (long story!).

I remember going through Tagaytay on the way to Maya-maya with the geeks and their significant others. Playing board games and disenchanting - or more to the point, appalling - one geek's then-girlfriend-now-wife with our unadulterated, no-holds-barred love of processed meat.

We overate on bulalo on most of our trips to Tagaytay. What the heck am I saying? We overate on every trip! And not just on bulalo!

And although there are many friends with whom I've visited this place - including one day-trip with Bluggerbug and Deux that stands out in my mind - this place is geek country to me. No other place reminds me of them than Tagaytay. No other place makes me miss them more. I miss all of us being together. I miss how silly we become with each other, feeding off each other's nonsense. It is my favorite kind of silly. And although I've grown fond of their wives by extension and association, it is the geeks who are my friends by choice. And I miss them special. I am always grateful to be in their circle. Always thankful they continue to include me in their lives.

I may not have mentioned this on this blog before, but the geeks are my litmus test if ever God's plan in my life includes a significant other. And when I say that I mean that they are the group of friends whose opinion matters the most to me. I know they will tell me whether or not I'm fooling myself. I know they will let me know if they think my inexperience in these matters have somehow led me astray, or allowed me to settle. I know that they will tell me the truth.

I can only hope you have that kind of friends too. They are my treasure. I pray your life is as rich as mine.

(Photo credit: yoodz)


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