"I am large. I contain multitudes." - Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Faceless and Nameless

If you stumbled upon this blog and visit it once in a while and we're not necessarily friends in the sense that I know you and you know me, I just want to thank you for that. That's really sweet, that you visit. That you sort of like my words.

This blog is my heart. I've given it to people who have not bothered with it. Which is fine. Seriously, I'm still friends with these people. I still love them dearly. I recognize that it's not because they don't care for me. They just don't know how gut-wrenching it is for me to give this away, to even admit that it exists, this blog. I take pains before I tell friends about this space. I understand that it may not be sacred to others, but it is to me, you know?

One beautiful sunny morning last August, Bluggerbug and I took a walk at a nearby park. I told her about a comment I received from a friend with whom I shared this blog. He said it was such a contrast to how I come across in person. And I asked Bluggerbug who is one of my dearest friends on earth, if that were true. If it seemed like I had multiple personalities, different in-person and online.

And she said: "That blog is the real you." And I tell you, I teared up a little. Bluggerbug gets it, I thought. That is enough. That is more than enough.

So thank you if you read this and I don't know you by name. I think of you too. I wonder a lot about you. And sometimes I pray that God bless you - your person and your life. Please know that I'm grateful that you share the journey with me too.


bluggerbug said...

You write like you talk. All.the.time. Seriously.

Mayang said...

I think so too, actually. Which is probably why I was bothered by the comment from my friend. I like to think I don't operate ala Jeckle and Hyde!

Miss you, Bluggerbug! XOX

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