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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Needing Nothing

"Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty." ~ Socrates

I came back to Singapore with not even one credit card purchase for myself from my NYC trip. Not one. Which truly dumbfounded a few of my colleagues, prompting one to say that she shops more staying in Singapore than I do when I'm on vacation.

There is a lot of truth there.

I was telling V and Bluggerbug who were kind enough to accompany me shopping on separate occasions that I get this weird satisfaction sometimes when I shop and I don't get what I want to buy. I have huge feet for my height (analyze that as you wish!), and sometimes when I go into a shoe store and they don't have my size, I find myself pleased that I wasn't able to get it and it was because of something out of my control. Weird, huh?

During this trip, I found that I was happy just knowing that I could shop as much as I wanted. I even asked the credit card company for my spending limit to be upped to US$30,000 during my trip. Crazy, right? I mean, I knew I wouldn't spend that silly amount. I'm not that deranged or deprived! (And for the record, I don't have the money to pay that at one go if I did lose my mind and spend that much!) I guess I just needed the psychological leeway. Turns out the cash I brought was enough for the whole trip!

Which brings home a familiar realization: the things that matter to me in this life simply can't be bought. When I think of the highlights of my vacation, there were all just moments, really. But you know what, they are precious to me, those moments. Priceless and dear. My godson Teo looking me in the eye. V and I swinging Lunalicious between us. Reminiscing with Zippy. Morning walks with Bluggerbug. A snarky altercation with Tati. Nicole laughing at something I said. Watching Zippy and his family interacting with each other, encapsulated in their own world.

I find myself at this point in my life where I feel I don't need anything. I feel blessed to be in this neighborhood. Which doesn't mean my heart doesn't yearn. Just that those my heart yearns for, money can't buy. But you see, the God I love is a God of surprises. And He is a thoughtful God. So I live and bask and breathe in His crazy, thoughtful love. And leave all these hearts who made these moments possible in His crazy, thoughtful, no-holds-barred love as well.

May we always stay together there, where no space nor distance can separate us from each other.


AutieNaughtyMom said...
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Vickie said...

Still glad you bought stuff, though--stuff for you! I've never seen you do that. Then again, I don't think I've ever gone shopping with you!

Thank you again for the visit and all the treats (meals, massages, cleanups...). Can't wait for your 2012 visit!! And I bet by then you and T will have long, involved conversations about why there is no Lalo doll.

Mayang said...

Haha! Shopping with me isn't all girly, I'm afraid. I see something, I try it on, yea or nay. Tapos. It only gets complicated if I'm buying for others! Unless they are clear and specific in what they want!

I must prepare the answer to why there is no Lalo doll! I can only hope for a visit every two years. Aslan has been kind and generous in that respect, no? I can't complain. I also know Aslan has surprises up His sleeve.

Did you get that Edna Mode doll online last Thursday?

Vickie said...

Yes I did! And I was the only bidder so my total expense plus shipping was $32. (My limit was $50, so not bad at all!!) Also expected in the mail, new vitamins to justify the existence and privilege of playing with Edna.

Mayang said...

That's excellent! Aww, he's finally getting his Edna Mode doll. I'm glad!

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