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Sunday, September 05, 2010


Do you love the rain?

I do.

I love how it transports me back in time to so many memories. Remember 'ligo sa ulan' when you were young? (Bathing in the rain. Or should it be taking a shower in the rain?)

I love the way it washes everything clean. Like starting over.

I love how lush the trees look during and after the rainfall.

I enjoy staring outside my living room window while it rains and the wind evokes songs from the bamboo chimes.

I like listening to the rain too. It sounds different in Singapore though. Almost muted, as compared to back home. At our previous house, you could barely hear yourself think when there's a serious downpour. The rains are strong enough to compel you to stop and take notice.

Strange as this may sound, I miss blackouts back home when it rains really hard. I would usually find myself reading in bed anyways. I miss lying in the single bed in my blue bedroom at 27 Kentucky Drive, reading while it rained.

I know now that this is so not kosher to do, but there were times I swam in the village pool while it rained. There's some kind of wonderful in being submerged underwater in silence, looking up and seeing the pitter-patter of the rain as it hits the pool. It was like being in a cocoon.

My freshman year in UP was just rain. And that year was such a turning point in my life. Rain brings me back to that time.

There was also one time our family went to my cousin's place at Puerto Azul during the off-peak season. You could walk to the beach from their place. I was caught in the rain and stayed near the shore. Have you seen the ocean when it's raining? I had to catch my breath. It was that gorgeous and moving.

Remember that talk we had then, Aslan? I still remember, You know. I know You do too. Rain brings me back there. I think out of all the reasons why I love the rain, the bittersweet memory of that time with You is my favorite.

Thanks for reminding me of that this morning.

(Photo credit: Pilar Azana)

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