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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coastal Cleanup

This shot was taken last Saturday morning when we picked up trash at Changi Beach as part of International Coastal Cleanup Day.

I know the beach looks really clean in this photo, but seriously, there was a lot of trash still onsite when we ended our participation that morning. What was the number one litter item? Cigarettes. Followed by plastic bags and food containers.

We got the kids of our employees involved in the rubbish collection. I had wanted it to be something the whole family can do. Having worked in the kids space for about seven years now, I believe it's important for kids to feel empowered, to know as early as possible that they can make things happen. That change is in their hands. That they can make a difference.

It's never too early in life to learn that, I think.

(I can't get over that this is an actual snapshot taken from my life. I didn't just borrow it from flickr!)

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