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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Tired

I knew coming into June and July that it would be a busy season with friends and family visits dovetailing with the culmination of projects and work travel. But can I tell you now, as I squeeze out every ounce of adrenalin I can muster, that I am deadbeat tired?

One more week of this with my parents' visit, then I can crash big time. Just for a spate. Just for a little while, I am going to allow myself to crash before I get back on the ride.

I seriously wish I had a lot of vacation days and moolah for a proper vacation. Just go somewhere where I can just be and breathe. Somewhere with an expanse of space.

In the meantime, if you see me all chipper, that's the adrenalin. That's me making sure everyone's having a grand time. Deep inside, I feel like the dog in the photo on this entry.

But hey, I'll take happy tired over sick tired any day! So all's good. I just wish I stop falling asleep in every moving vehicle I get on! Planes, trains and automobiles! Tricycles too! Sheesh.

(Photo credit: stockforfood)

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