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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fortune in a Fortune Cookie

Our team had our Lunar New Year picnic today at a park near our office, a mere 10 minute leisurely ride away.

After stuffing our faces, playing Chinese New Year and Year of the Tiger games, we each got a goodie bag and in it were fortune cookies. I was in the midst of opening it when my colleague from India said that we should add the words "in bed" to the fortune. So I said game. He took out the strip of paper from his cookie and read out loud: "You will win big in mahjong.... in bed." Ok, Mayang, your turn!

I broke the cookie and read my fortune: "Your relationship begins to blossom...in bed!"

Laughter ensues!

Three nights till we usher in the Year of the Tiger. Prosperity to you and yours!

(Photo credit: Rick Harris)

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