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Friday, February 19, 2010


The irony that I am sleepless in Singapore writing an entry on a Bali beach named Dreamland does not escape me. But here we are. :)

My friend C has a blog of sorts. It's more of a fortnightly email blast with lots of good stuff that you can see, do and be. Every once in a while, she asks me to contribute a bit of writing to it. The first time, I culled from this blog my thoughts on the book "The Art of Racing in the Rain." This time around, it switches. I wrote for her blog and decided to plonk that into this blog.

When I was in Bali with Piglet, I enjoyed myself immensely although like most places I visit, I thought I wouldn't have the desire to go back to it. It was when I got to Dreamland beach that I had decided that I would not mind at all going back to Bali. Bali may have all the trappings of countless tropical islands that sometimes merge in your memory in kaleidoscope fashion, but if there's one thing that made Bali different in my eyes, it is this beach.

“I liked all the beaches in Bali – at least the three that I got to visit in my short stay there – but by far my fave was Dreamland beach. I think it’s because it was so different from Jimbaran and the others. The ocean there was rough and tumble and unashamedly fierce. Relentlessly ferocious.

Mind you, I got there in the middle of a scorcher of an afternoon, right before the no surfing flag was up. When I got into the cold water, it was stark and soothing, all at the same time. Dreamland beach for me was a place that made no excuses for what it was, the crashing waves reached out to me as if to say “are you brave enough for me?” And it made me yearn for courage. It made me gape with awe.” ~ Mayang

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