"I am large. I contain multitudes." - Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nowhere I Would Rather Be Than Here

Some of my friends who've trekked mountains with me would have at one point or another heard me say a sentence I am apt to utter in the midst of screaming calves, dripping sweat, endless treks, tired backs and almost vertical slopes.

"There is nowhere I would rather be right now than here."

I know that may sound like the oddest, most ridiculous thing to say while undergoing such feats in conditions that can tire out not just your body but your spirit. But I cannot begin to tell you how I mean every word of that sentence.

Trekking is akin to praying for me. You've probably heard many people liken climbing mountains to life and it's journey. There's truth to that.

I personally find that it is when I'm simply taking one step in front of the other, there is a meditative spell that engulfs me. Usually in a trek, I break from the group (not because I'm good, but I reckon it's because I like the uphill climb much more than the downward path) and suddenly I am alone with my God.

Many a time I'd be walking through dense forests, just trees all around and a kind of silence that is only found in nature. A silence that is alive. A silence that tells you life is taking place, even if it seems like you're in a standstill.

Then, inevitably, I would turn a corner, and behold a stunning vista. And I'd be taken aback by the sight. Filled with awe and indescribable bliss! I then whisper a word of thanks. For that moment.

If I could only bottle that moment.

I will trek again, of that I am certain.

Today though, I realize that where I am now is akin to that moment. Everything I'm going through, all these seismic activity in my interior life, encourages - nay, compels - me to utter the same sentence:

"There is nowhere I would rather be right now than here."

I fall at His feet today, and beg of His heart to consume mine.

There is nowhere I would rather be.

(Photo credit: Zack Schnepf)

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