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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Truth of the Matter

There's something I haven't been totally honest with you about. Something I haven't told you on this blog.

Remember the lethargy that hit me a few months back? Well, it never left.

I was on my way to yoga one workday evening and I fell asleep on the train and had a tough time waking up. So I decided to go home and not go to yoga practice. (Aside: Isn't it neat that the two things I love to do - singing and yoga - are referred to as practice? Like what Michael J. Fox says, excellence we can aim for, but perfection is God's business)

I hopped on a bus went home, plonked on the sofa and fell asleep again.

If you were to cut and paste that day and hung them on a rope, that would be tantamount to how I've been operating for months now.

One time on a bus to work, I had to silently admit to myself that something was off. Something is off.

I don't know if it's hormonal, or if it's a thyroid condition, but I have my yearly check up coming up this month so I will go and ask my doc.

I hope it's something we can address because I'm missing the zippideedoodah.

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bluggerbug said...

Put your sneakers on, woman! Start running again. No doubt you'll get that energy back in no time.

Mayang said...

Really? I tried that too. No dice.

bluggerbug said...

You'll shake off your lethargy sooner or later. 'Tis time to cool your heels, literally and figuratively.

Make use of this "downtime" to just veg out and pig out. I see you've been indulging lately, with Piglet, no less.

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