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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Slip and Slide

Just to prove to you blog readers how serious I am to get to the beach, let me tell you that last night, I did a most uncharacteristic thing: I went online and I bought my swimsuit! And that's saying a lot given that I hardly really shop till I drop anymore. Ok, fine. I don't really shop till I drop. I remember one time I felt like I was taking care of everyone except myself and felt like splurging I ended up buying a bra. But hey, my girls are well supported so don't dis the purchase.

I'm oh so ready for the beach.

You're probably thinking "What a crazy girl! Shouldn't she plan the trip first, then buy the swimsuit?"

Let me tell you how my life works.

I usually mull over something, write it down, pray about it a lot and then let it go. That's how I roll. And with the one exception of having a man have his way with me, this strategy seems to work. As in, in a freakishly efficient, mysterious sort of way, it works. Except in that one aspect of my life (You listening to me, God? Reading my blog, hmm?)

So, in the spirit of the 1989 Kevin Costner film "Field of Dreams," I have "build it."

And it will come. :)


The shot that sports this entry is of a young urban tribe lining up to get on the slip and slide. Did you ever do that as a kid? Piglet and I were blessed to grow up in a village of hills and plains and back then, there were very few of us living in the boondocks of Alabang. We knew pretty much most of our neighbors, very similar to how my nephews are growing up now too.

Anyhoo, we had a neighbor who not only had a slip and slide, their huge backyard was on a slope! So we spent a few hot summer days in our bathing suits just going up the incline, slip sliding down and repeating that tens of times till we got hungry, ate, then got back on the thing again.

I miss my childhood summers. But I'm so grateful to have had such a grand time with so many great memories.

(Photo credit: Sean Dreilinger)


Babs said...

kakatawa yun "are you listening God, reading my blog!" ha ha ha what a riot! :)

hay naku, sana nga pwede mag long distance sa heaven... :(

Mayang said...

I'm glad you're amused! Let's pray God is too!

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