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Sunday, May 03, 2009

An Old Letter from Pa

I think I've mentioned on this blog once or twice that the reason I have faith in God the Father who loves me unconditionally, completely and hopelessly is because of my Pa.

Well I was scouring through old files and emails searching for a recipe and I stumbled upon this letter Pa wrote to me in 2000. Although I have a lot of missives from Pa, this one's special. This is the one letter he wrote me giving me love advice! I think I wrote him about my feelings for this man I was so into and this letter was his response. It was unprompted and totally unexpected, which makes it more precious to me.

Here it is sans the name of my then-object of my affections. For those of you who've met Pa, I'm sure you can imagine his saying this letter out loud. He writes as he speaks. :)

My dearest Mayang,

I only remembered you had a letter after your departure. It was only after reading that the contents have become moot and academic. I do not have to be told. I have only to listen and feel and know that the world of my pride and joy has taken a new direction. I have such deep faith in you that I find it unnecessary to guide you in the right direction. I am a man and I know from what I gathered that my girl is in love. You have only one liability and that is your lack of experience in this fresh phase of your life. You are entitled to be happy and if it makes you happy, how could I not be?

My gut feeling is that he is cautious but the manifestations are evident enough. Grant him some leeway and maintain a "not so hard-headed" attitude and it will come. Study each other well, each one's weakness and strength, and pretension, which is my pet peeve. Do not be artificial and always tell the truth, for it is the foundation of true and lasting relationship.

I have been observing him and his family and I like to think that they are fond of you. I am quite certain that they could not find the best person in the world than my own flesh and blood. On appearance and demeanor you maintain a formidable personality. Relax this picture and the reactions will be forthcoming. Let him feel as an equal and less threatening and he will open up. Sometimes, it is a question of timing. The future will prove if you are meant for each other. It is a matter of give and take, of mutuality, of sharing and it's up to both of you to open your hearts to each other. Be less formidable and consider the rationality of his actions and you will become an attractive personality very difficult to resist. In short, be adorable and likable and no person worth his salt, could not fall for such a lovable person.

I have no doubt whatsoever that both of you are showing care and concern for each other. It is a matter of cultivating this scenario and the desired results will just flow smoothly. Do appreciate the things he does for you and don't demand so much of him. I know you to be fair and these things will not be difficult to do.

I don't need to be informed. As a keen observer, I know what's happening. My only regret is that I will be sharing your love but I would not mind. You truly deserve it. Whatever you do, please remember you have my total and absolute faith in your decision and I am joined in this by the family. At this stage in your life you are better prepared to enter into a new stage and a new life's beginning you will never learn to regret. Your devotion to Him will come in handy in this regard.

With all my love,
24 July 2000

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bluggerbug said...

Sweet! Love your Papa talaga! :)

Mayang said...

I read it aloud to Piglet and we were laughing so hard!

The only time I had wanted to cry was when I realized that nine years from that letter, nothing much has changed for me, haha!!

Anonymous said...

FF likes this. :-)

Mayang said...

Haha! He describes the kind of person I endeavor to be Uay. Although clearly, I have a lot to work on so that I come across less "formidable."

Babs said...


This is a really lovely letter pero. . . natatawa ako sa tone and choice of words... Kwela talaga. :) Forward ko kay J.

Nothing much has changed?? Malay mo... this year. We live in hope, di ba? :)

Mayang said...

Yes, who knows? Maybe God will surprise me, heh Babs? And yes, Hope is where I live! :) Even if it kills me! Haha!

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