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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Please Lord

Make me well enough not to spend a third consecutive weekend at home.

Guess what I'm doing as I type this? Sipping a steaming mug of ginger tea - yes, ginger tea. I gave up the fight, even though I so abhor the taste (which is why there's more than a wedge of lemon squeezed and more than just a teaspoon of honey squirted into it.) I'm tired of coughing already.

I am definitely on the mend. It's just taking more time than usual.

I must admit though that I don't really mind all that much being cooped up at home. I just want to be able to go out and do my favorite thing: grocery shop. Then go back home and read a book, watch a bit of telly and do a bit of writing.

Actually, this stay home plan this weekend is a good one because I have a short work trip next week and I hate traveling when I'm under the weather. Good thing we don't have choir duty this weekend because I wouldn't want to miss that again like two weeks back.

(Photo credit: Angie J Geworsky)


benjiedlp said...

seriously. go have more tests. this is getting chronic.

bluggerbug said...

i definitely agree with benj. you need to take antibiotics na siguro.

hope you both feel better soon!

Mayang said...

I'll give it one more week.

I've gone through two rounds of antibiotics already, so enough of that, me thinks (for now).

Thanks guys and yes Zippy, pagaling ka din!

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