"I am large. I contain multitudes." - Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old Photographs

My sister-in-law emailed through some baby photos of me chosen by my Mama for a project we're doing in the office. This one is my favorite of the lot. I am two days old in this shot. But the reason I love this shot is because of how my 37-year-old Mama looks in it. I like her smile in this one.

Those who know me long enough or well enough (or both) know that my relationship with Mama was not always smooth sailing. There were times when it was trying and painful. I remember a hot summer afternoon (when I was 12 or thereabouts) storming out of our house towards our village park with tears running down my cheeks after Mama had said some ugly things to me about me. Harsh and heartless was she. If you ever fooled yourself into believing that words can't hurt, let them come from your parents or your children. It took me years to get over my indignation.

But just look at this shot. Look at how much promise this mother-daughter relationship started with. And by God's grace, we have come to a good, good place in our relationship. I love my Mama to bits. For where we are now, it was all worth it. Everything is worth this.


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lovely. lovely. lovely.

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hello gorgeous!

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