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Monday, January 26, 2009

Five Years

Tomorrow marks my fifth anniversary in the company I work for.

Imagine that!

So many things happened in the span of these five years. If I knew what was coming, how would I have reacted? What would I have done differently?

Absolutely nothing.

We are all, in some way, winging it with this thing we call our lives. Most times, we go with our gut and cling to our faith and wait on our hope. If I were asked what was the one thing I learned in this company, it is this: we adapt to change. Both the change we instigate, and the change that is brought upon us. We adapt. I am still learning to adapt - and God knows it's not always easy - but it's worthwhile.

In celebration of this five-year milestone, I'm listing five things I am grateful for on the work front:

(1) I'm grateful that I don't drag my feet to work most days
(2) I'm thankful for the good feedback I hear about the work I do
(3) I'm grateful for the trust of my superiors, my peers and subordinates
(4) I'm thankful that I have a job that continues to be challenging and one which challenges me to up the ante
(5) I'm grateful that my salary gives me the privilege to make a difference in other people's lives

Other things I'm thankful for today that is related to my work:

(1) I'm thankful that through this job, I have an emergency fund
(2) I'm grateful that through this job, I not only contribute monthly to my retirement fund, the company pays a percentage to it too
(3) I'm grateful I have good friends in the office
(4) I love the fact that it's a casual dress code in the office
(5) I am thrilled to work in a pet-friendly office
(6) I'm ecstatic that I play a part in the social responsibility efforts of the company in Southeast Asia

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bluggerbug said...

Happy, happy! Wish I could send you a cake just like the one in the picture. Celebrate the occasion!

Mayang said...

Haha! I've been writing up all kinds of lists lately. I blame it on the meds I've been taking to get rid of my throat infection.

vickie2005 said...

"the smart ones don't get jobs, they do the work they love" - so the Old Man used to tell me.

have you seen a doctor about that throat? (you get bad colds a little too often.)

benjiedlp said...

oops. -that was my comment, not vickie's (forgot to sign her out and sign myself in)

anyway - I can't believe psycho boss was half a decade ago.

Mayang said...

A friend of mine, concerned by the frequency of this malaise in my life, wants me to see a naturopath. I'm seriously thinking about it, but it apparently expensive. So, I'm just thinking about it for now.

This round of drugs should do the trick though. I so want to get back to my life.

Your old man was always quiet, never really got to know him but given that he was a pastor, these nuggets of wisdom makes sense.

Yes, can you believe how long she's been out of my life? God is good! Although I did see her once in a coffee shop and I turned around and walked - nay, I ran - out of there. The scars are deep, my friend.

benjiedlp said...

sadly it wasn't MY old man that told me that. it was THE old man, Don Jaime -who was very fatherly towards me.

my father was quiet. we had little to talk about.

why don't you see an accupuncturist instead? I hear my old HS classmate is now one of the best in the Phils.

Mayang said...

I hate needles, Zippy! I'm still even trying to muster enough courage to donate blood.

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