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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Have a Blessed One

"What is a family anyway? They're just people who make you feel less alone and really loved." ~ Mary Tyler Moore

This is my last entry for 2008 given that I'm on a flight back to Manila today and there's no internet access at my parents' place. It'll feel like a bit of an Advent retreat, no yahoo, no FB, no blogspot. Although I'm taking the trusty and crusty laptop home just in case I feel like writing.

There are so many jumbled up thoughts in my head right now, but I think above all, I want to let you know that I wish us all more human moments. Originally coined by Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist and Lecturer Edward M. Hallowell, a human moment is “an authentic psychological encounter that can only happen when two people share the same physical space. It has two prerequisites: people’s physical presence and their emotional and intellectual attention.”

I wish you countless human moments with your family, friends and significant others this Christmas.

And given that I cannot find the words to describe this juncture of my journey, I leave you with the words that have moved me so, Fr Johnny's reflection in this Advent season:

Advent teaches us that life is always on the brink. As we have seen in the story of Joseph, life is constantly on the verge of something. It is not about one season, but about every season in our lives.

Advent is not so much about us waiting for something. Advent is about us recognizing that something is always waiting to happen. A gift waiting to be unwrapped. A dream still waiting to be discovered.

Dearest St. Joseph,
We entrust our Advent to you.
Whatever the season of our lives may be,
help us to recognize
what God is waiting to give us
and what He wants
to reveal to us.
Inspire us to make room
in our lives for the dreams
that God wishes us to follow.

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bluggerbug said...

Such a thoughtful and meaningful reflection! Both yours and Fr. Johnny's :)

Sad that this will be your last entry for the year. :( I look forward to more of your musings next year.

Happy Christmas to you and your family. More blessings for the coming year!

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