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Sunday, November 16, 2008


“The only thing better than singing is more singing.” ~ Ella Fitzgerald

Coming home. That's what last night felt like to me.

The chorale I used to sing with - the original group - had gotten together to sing for a wedding next month and we had our first of two practices last night.

I had mentioned before on this blog how this group was one of those communities that really was a genuine one, struggles and all. These hearts were the stuff of my weekends. And I have no regrets - both for the time together, and the letting go.

Last night was such a gift. Because it made me realize that even if our season in the sun has passed (for me at least), there is still this connection there that keeps us together.

And you know what? I needed to know that.

Last night, there were times when I had to take a moment, take a step back and just breathe it all in. I looked at all these people in the room and I said a silent prayer of thanks that after years, here we were in the same room! I have missed singing with you all. When I listen to us sing together, I not only feel safe, I feel grace.

And when I ponder the past few weeks as I was crawling out of the doldrums, I can't imagine how anyone but Aslan can arrange to have all these friends and groups of friends come visit my life one after another, as if they were on a line to console, appease, comfort and accompany me at this juncture.

If there are words to describe how I feel right now they are humbled and joyous. Maybe when I thought He couldn't be bothered, He was setting all these up. He was using others to let me know He cared deeply and compassionately.

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