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Thursday, November 27, 2008

God With Us

“Being a singer is a natural gift. It means I'm using to the highest degree possible the gift that God gave me to use. I'm happy with that.” ~ Aretha Franklin

I have loved this song for a while now but I love it all the more when our choir sang it last Saturday. How full my heart was when we sang it.

I dare not allow myself to believe that some of those who came to sing last weekend will now consistently attend our fortnightly service in song to You, Lord. But I pray You stir their hearts, awaken them from their slumber that here lies an opportunity to use the gifts You have given them as thanksgiving for Your goodness, for the fact that God is with us.

But above all, I thank You and ask You to bless profoundly and profusely, those who come to sing at every opportunity. Those who show up consistently, and with happy hearts serve You in melody and harmony. Those hearts who are very special to me. These are my friends. This is my family. I pray extra for them, because they have chosen to define who they are in part by their serving You in song. More and more I realize that it's the consistency of their presence - their showing up time and time again - that is service. That is the offering. And from there, a wellspring of unexpected blessings and immeasurable grace are showered down on their heads. It's not that You love them more than those who don't show up. I do feel, rightly or wrongly, that You love them special. And You bless them. Oh how You bless them!

You are higher than all of our questions,
you are deeper than all of our needs,
wider than all that we can imagine;
you are greater than anything.

You are stronger than all of our burdens,
you are sweeter than all of our dreams,
closer than all the air that surrounds us;
you are greater than anything.

You are holy, Holy God Almighty,
God with us.
You are holy, Holy God Almighty,
God with us. God with us.

You bring joy into all of our sadness,
you bring peace into all of our pain,
shining light into all of our darkness;
you are greater than anything.

Ever before us and ever beside us,
ever above us and ever behind us,
ever around us and ever within us,
and always God with us.

(Lyrics and Music: Sarah Hart, Jayme Thompson)

(Photo credit: ExtraFunky)

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