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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dancing with Myself

When I think of Halloween, I think of my childhood in Alabang.

Today, I was looking at photos from my childhood friend V's Halloween party album uploaded on FB and I was transported back to the many Halloweens of my past. This friend is one of my best. We met at Halloween, I was a nurse and she was a playboy bunny. What can I say? It seemed ill-paired from the get-go. But God had other plans. Her home was my first sleep-over. She and I learned to dance to "Dancing Tight" together. My first solo singing gig ever was in her home in front of her whole family. We went through freaking puberty together.

V and her family celebrate Halloween for another important reason: it's her mom's birthday and this year Tita C turned 75 years old. We text each other every year on Halloween. This year, her whole family were The Incredibles and her sister M and her husband were Fiona and Shrek. If I were there, I would've gone all-out too - this friend does that to me - makes me brave, allows me to go a little crazy and gives me a wiggle room to be a little loopy.

I miss that. I miss being silly. I feel so blessed not only that she's part of my great childhood memories, but that we're still friends. We made plans to see each other when I'm home for the holidays. I can't wait! I would like to be embraced in her presence very, very much.

(Photo credit: angiemccraig)

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