"I am large. I contain multitudes." - Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Worlds are Merging... Again

You know how I have this policy of not mixing groups? Well the only exception to that is Facebook, apparently.

Bluggerbug's finally on FB, yay! A neighbor from our village found me. The man who offered me that job in New York some years back is now my FB friend and the wife of the only man I can unequivocally say was in love with me keeps popping up in the 'People You May Know' scroll (although we're not FB friends...yet).

And things continue to be sweet and strange on the friend-front. This guy who was a friend from way back when I first got to Singapore called my parents' home while I was in Manila and it was so embarrassing how I've totally obliterated him from my memory bank. He had to describe himself, but I finally remembered him (and Mama who has a terrific memory even remembered him before I did!) and I was really touched that he would think of me and actually call me up from the UK where he's been living for the past decade. And seriously, what are the chances that he'd catch me by calling my parents' home?!

There's also this sweetheart of a man who used to be my colleague in my first job who found my email address (through the Braveheart blog) who wrote to me saying how he misses our banter and how I made him laugh.

Amazing. Angels all around.

Making people laugh. Gosh, how does that feel? It's been a while. I wonder if people get rusty on that front.

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