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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friends Tried and True

Hey Ish,

I was reading your latest blog entry and you can't imagine how glad I am that you have such wonderful friends. If it's any consolation, the friends without whom my world would be a lot less colorful and so devoid of meaning are all far-flung too. Sure, I have friends who are near and dear, but it's different. There is a reason that the only friends I initially shared the blog with are not in the same country I reside in.

Your mom is one of those precious few, as you can probably tell when she and I get together. She is the one of the few I stay up till God knows what time just yakking away. And before the internet and email and blogging, we wrote letters and sent voice tapes and photos and cookies (well, she sent me cookies. Come to think of it, it was never the other way around although I'd like to think that if she had a craving for Pinoy cookies, say a Fita or Marie, I would've willingly obliged).

Anyhoo, I'm glad you're turning out into a great friend and that you are surrounded by hearts who allow your heart to blossom too. I had no doubts, but it was such pleasure to see it in your terrific writing.

You're the sixth thing I am thankful for today.

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