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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bueller's Day Off

Except that I'm really sick, not pretending to be sick while out visiting museums and singing "Twist and Shout" in a parade. Got caught in a drizzle during my morning run yesterday and here I am, wilting.

Doc says not to run till the antibiotics are done. Rats. I am in big trouble, marathon-traning-wise.

(Photo credit: [Christine])


Babs said...

hey, take better care of yourself.

get well soon.

Mayang said...

Thanks Babs!

I must admit, I usually don't mind the house arrest - I'm just worried about the toll it's going to take on preparing for the full. :(

Ogster said...

hala lagot! hehe.. take care mamai! mishu! {{HUGZZ}}


Mayang said...

Thanks King! Enjoy Copenhagen!

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