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Friday, August 22, 2008

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

I used to live with three other women many moons ago and whenever a couple of them hunkered down for some serious booze time in the flat, I always took on the DJ role for the night. I don't remember why. Is it because of the pure raw, unadulterated love I have for music? Or my belief that a day isn't worth getting into without a get-up-and-go song? Or the fact that I have always had spinner friends, both in high school and college? Perhaps. But for whatever reason, that was my role. I reckon my not really wanting to drink had something to do with it too (because I ain't got no threshold, I tell ya), but that's just me.

Anyhoo, I now live with my sister Piglet but because I've re-calibrated my circadian rhythm so I can conduct some semblance of marathon training in the early morning hours, my evenings are invariably shorter with nary a companion (read: blissful solitary confinement). This is all dandy by me, except that my Eastern European neighbor one floor down smokes at a patch of garden right below my living room window with her lung-damaging vapor wharfing up to my nostrils every evening.

Tonight, she has company and instead of Mayang enjoying the ocean breeze this overcast evening, I had to close most of the windows because of the fumes. But given that she is entertaining, I thought I'd do her the honor of providing the muzak for her tete a tete.

It's 80s night at Mayangland. INXS is playing now. Echo and the Bunnymen, standby!


Babs said...

So did you play - -

"Your technique it leaves me weak. My heart knows its the beat I seek. And I found it. Just got lucky! . . .

Ha ha ha pero gusto ko to! this is my80s song.

Mayang said...

Mwahaha! I have that song! Didn't make the line up because I got sleepy (just to wake up this morning to rain so no run today. Rescheduled tomorrow).

Usually when I play that song, inevitably "Street Beat" will follow shortly. (I think they all came out relatively the same time).

I have too many faves to call one song from the 80s my song. Although there's something about The Go Go's "Head Over Heels" that really pops for me.

bluggerbug said...

I love, love, love 80's music!

The Killing Moon is definitely one of my faves. Btw, Echo and the Bunnymen has an upcoming concert at Radio City Music Hall on Oct.1st.

Mayang said...

Hey Bluggerbug!

So sorry I wasn't able to call you back after that elevator conversation! I woke up the next day and work swallowed me whole, kainis!

Are you watching Echo and the Bunnymen? If I were there, I'd happily go with you!

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