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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Am Here

My feet hurt. Alas, it's not because of my running. I'm on my longest work trip this year to the Happiest Place on Earth and there's a lot of walking involved (eating too, so believe you me, it doesn't balance out - it still tips towards the face-stuffing).

I'm staying at the swankiest hotel and I can't help thinking how it would be great to have my nephews with me here. They would so love it. But my life is such that when I do stay at a posh hotel, I'm usually on a work trip which means I'm alone. Either that or I'm in a mid-level type hotel on a cheap and cheerful holiday with the family.

I'll take my nephews here one of these days. Pag-iipunan ko (I'll save up for it.) I'm excited to enjoy the experience ten times over through their eyes.

I can't wait!

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Ninicakes said...

Hey Mai Kalamay! Are you currently in my neck of the woods? Totally understandable if you can't meet up due to work demands, but thought I'd say "hello" anyway & if we are indeed breathing the same air, then "yeah, baby, yeah!".

It's Friday today & we have the long Labor (how appropriate!) Day weekend ahead of us. Typically, we'd be out of town on these special holidays, but we decided to stay in this time. Weekend plans include (possibly) a day trip to Solvang, CA, a Danish-inspired town up north along the coast & perhaps a visit to your all-time fave place, the Doggie Beach at Huntington! Boris has never been & he's been looking forward to it all year!

You are more than welcome to join us in these excursions. Your now-working-and-living-back-at-home inaanak would surely love to see you! Let me know, k?

Anonymous said...

sama ko !



Mayang said...

Hey Ninicakes!

Like I wouldn't tell you if I were a-visiting Lala Land! I'm in HK Disneyland.

This is so freaky that you'd write on the blog cause I was just thinking about you, gurl! I went to "It's a Small World" yesterday with kids from five Asian countries and I remembered my first trip to Disney which was with you and that was our first ride! We went about the day with military-like precision - where to go and what time so we could see the best places! Hilarious! You and me can find Osama, man!

Anyhoo - HKDL is a replica of Anaheim, only smaller so of course kulang na lang yung carriage with the horse-on-steroids.

It's freaking surreal here cause the attractions are introduced in Cantonese and English. The animation academy yesterday was conducted in Cantonese which makes it a wonder I was able to draw Goofy. Clearly, I am keeping my day job and not becoming an animator anytime soon. :)

Have fun in the Doggie Beach! I'm envious! Hugs to you and Jeff and the girls and the dogs!! Miss ya!


Hey FF!

Come over and you can study in my hotel room like the last time! I'm hardly ever there and it's a great hotel with tons of free food on my floor!

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