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Friday, July 04, 2008


It dawned on me that I should've contextualized my last post and of course I'm kicking myself because I could've spent more time writing the entry and setting it up properly, but I guess I felt the need to get it out there asap.

Anyhoo, the reason all these things made me decide to run the full on December 2 is that I've read enough training manuals to know that it takes five months to train for a marathon, including a taper time of three weeks (or thereabouts) prior to the run. So, working backward, I needed to decide this week whether or not I was going to run. What can I say, once a procastinator, always one I guess.

So I was asking myself all week that question: "Are you going to run the marathon or what?"

Then all these things happened in a span of two days.

Which is how I got from there to here.

And guess what? The day I wrote that entry, I went to the office and I had people at work asking me if I was going to run the full. Like, out of the blue! (Cue Twilight Zone theme song).

Now all I have to do is get off my tushy!

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