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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Come Down from the Tree

Last year, our choir had the privilege of having Sister B give a talk to us and one of the questions she asked us was, what is your theme song to God? If you were serenading God, what song would that be?

I've been listening to this song on my ipod quite often, from a musical I am not familiar with entitled "Once on this Island." And if I was asked today what song I felt God was serenading me with, I reckon it is this.

Come Down from the Tree

Come down from the tree
Just open your arms and trust
You know in your heart
That one of these days you must
Come down from the tree
Its easy to feel afraid
And hard giving up that safe little nest you've made

When you have something so warm and familiar to cling to
your arms won't let go
You close your eyes to the darkness your nose to the bark
and hold on
Yes I know

But down below
Is where you must be
And what you were meant to do
So hold out your hand
And listen to someone who
Was once in a tree like you

Soon you'll have someone so warm and familiar to cling to
and love till you die
When your heart knows what it needs you must go where it leads
Leave the nest
Learn to fly
And thats why I came down from my tree
And all that I held so dear
When I found my love
The rest of my life was clear

Come down from your tree
Come down
I'm here

(Photo credit: aremac)

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