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Monday, July 14, 2008

A Checklist

In true Mayang-style procastination, two weeks after deciding to run the full, I began the grueling training for the longest distance run of my life in this orderly fashion:

1. Buy cute baby pink Asics running shoes. Check.
2. Download running music from podrunner.com. Check.
3. Receive spiffy ipod from friends who are *not* others. ;) Check.
4. Carbo-load with rice, pasta and bread. Check.
5. Watch the movie "Run, Fatboy, Run" on the flight to Manila. Check.
6. Make a mental note to finally read the book "Chi Running." Check.

Notice that no actual running took place in these preparations.

Until today.

I am glad to report that I ran 4km in 27.45 minutes this morning. Granted, I've run faster and longer, but hey, it took me two weeks to get off my tushy for this morning's run. Let's hope it doesn't take another 14 days till the next one!

Have a good week, all!

PS - I am quite aware that the shot that sports this post has no relevance to the topic at hand. Except that she's wearing a baby pink number that's the same shade as my running shoes and that she looks almost as terrified as I feel about this challenge. Makes sense enough to me. :)

(Photo credit: glowbot)


Babs said...

ha ha ha! Like the pink Asics would help. mwa ha ha At least fashionable din =)

Gurl, I really hope you get back in shape for your run! See you in Aug!


Mayang said...

I know! Freakishly out of shape but running in style! (Major consuelo de bobo ba or what?!)

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