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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Channeling John Bingham

"I am a runner because I run. Not because I run fast. Not because I run far. I am a runner because I say I am. And no one can tell me I'm not." ~ John Bingham

I wish I had John Bingham's chutzpah.

John's training books are the ones I read when I was training for the half. I'm in the middle of "Chirunning" and my new mantra is "form, distance, speed."

Actually, screw speed. If proper form lets me go the distance, I'm a-ok with that.

It's interesting though how fast it gets mental for me. Last Sunday was the first long run I took that had me walking some parts of it. It's humbling because my type A personality usually rears its ugly head, pushing me to continue running and not to walk but my 38-year old body will have none of it.

It would serve me well if I listened to my body all throughout not just the marathon itself, but even at training.

The pendulum I find myself in when I push too hard is one that swings from being daunted, to undaunted, then back again.

But "Chirunning" says with proper form, I could run the distance and actually enjoy it. And fool that I am, I believe it. I'd much rather be a slow running fool who reaches the finish line uninjured and joyful than a fast running bozo who gets there just in time for the ambulance to take him to the hospital.

And it gets existential way too soon for my liking. But what the hey. As one of the songs I run to says, "So Here We Are" (by Bloc Party, if you care to search and download).

What a ride.

(Photo credit: Felimon Foto)


Babs said...

hey hey, i cant even run for 30 minutes in the treadmill without passing out! ha ha ha =)

so i just walk and dont run! minsan natatapilok pa! ha ha ha

Mayang said...

Seriously, if people had to see me on the treadmill to define what running is, it would have a totally different definition!

But we waddle on! The goal is set. :)

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