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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Bonus Years

When my Mama turned 70 years old almost five years ago, I had promised to remember to be thankful for every year that we have together on this earth because every year after that we considered a bonus.

Yesterday, as Papa and I walked back to our house from the church, he said to me "I thanked God at Mass that I turn 70 this week. Every year after this is a bonus."

That is so true. I pray again that I remember to be grateful for the bonus years.


Babs said...

Naku Mayang this is so true. . .
Happy Bday to your Pop! =) Wishing him good health and lots more bonus years!


Mayang said...

Thanks Babs! I will let him know your well wishes! He loves it when people greet him. :)

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