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Monday, June 16, 2008

Teo TV

I didn't want to leave Baltimore after four days without writing an entry, so here it is. I'm here visiting my godson Teo and his parents my best friend Zippy and his wife V.

I've spent a good chunk of time watching Teo TV in full High Def this past weekend. Seeing him again in person is very different from the last time I saw him in DC two years ago but the same too in many miniscule ways.

Truth be told, it really felt like I was watching TV because I was outside his interactions for the most part. He is in his element within the embrace of his family when you really get to see who he is, but he doesn't necessarily let me. He knows I'm there. He just chooses to ignore me most times, except when his Mama or Dada compel him to acknowledge my presence with a "Where's Ninang Mayang?" To which he responds by pointing at me.

Then last night, a breakthrough! I had a bag of potato chips and stuffing my face as I often do, then the Teocakes glanced at me and smiled. Ok, I had no witnesses to this and I had probably been living in dire want to see him interact with me on any level, so who knows. It could just have been my imagination. But so moved was I by this that I came over and gave him a chip. He hesitated for a millisecond then reached out for it and took a bite.

A money-can't-buy-moment! Best in the world.

For now, Teo TV broadcasts mostly as a silent movie but the character development is coming along nicely loud and clear. It will be ticker-tape-parade-worthy when we finally get Bose-surround audio, but in time. In time.

(Photo credit: Lee Guthrie)

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