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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Revelation

The older I get, the more I realize that love of the grandest kind is a string of countless small thoughtful gestures that shows someone cares. And really I don't need to look very far. The most thoughtful person I know is my dad. Followed closely by Mama in second place.

Consider this: When I was a freshman in college, living away from home for the first time in my life, Papa bought me this white shirt. It wasn't something I'd choose to wear. But then again I wore that hideous dress Mama bought for my high school dance when I was a sophomore for the love of my mother (Madsy, Peach - do you remember this?). I didn't even think of changing clothes at the country club, I wore it all throughout the event.

So anyways, back to that white shirt. Mama prodded me to go to my dad and thank him for buying me that shirt, so I did. And my thanking him prompted him to buy me the same shirt in four other colors. Really, it would've been better to lock me in a tower, I felt. But he gave the shirts and I wore each one of them.

He also buys me the Portuguese sardines I love but I don't buy because I find so expensive every time I'm home for a visit. He also buys me other stuff I'd usually get when I'm in Manila, like rubbing alcohol and hot and spicy tuna. So if you come to visit me in my flat, you'll see a lot of all these three items, not one of them I bought.

Papa also writes me letters every once in a while, and that alone - seriously - those letters are my treasure. Bury me with them, including that one letter my Mama wrote me.

Mama's thoughtfulness is a little different from Papa's in the sense that she's a practical giver. She looks at what I like on a daily basis and gives me things I use, like coffee, or Splenda (she and Papa had a spat in the grocery with me a couple of Christmases ago because he told me not to buy the stuff because Mama bought a lot - too funny!). She also buys me underwear. Thoughtful and practical - that's my Mama.

I witnessed my friends performing similar gestures too. Bluggerbug buying a box of doughnuts for Tati, Zippy taking over bathing Teo to give his pregnant wife V. a rest.

Great examples to emulate. I am surrounded by grand love. Look closer. You might be surprised that we live in the same zipcode.

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