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Monday, May 26, 2008

What's On Mayang's Ipod?

The Sound of Silence, that's what.

I accidentally left my ipod in a cab in Jakarta a few weeks back. I reckon it was the time I was counting my hundreds of thousands of rupiahs and being math-challenged, I was so engrossed in the process of paying the correct amount that I had not the presence of mind to shove my ipod back into my handbag.

I realized it only while I was waiting to board the plane, sipping my coffee and reading my "Wired" when I had the urge to listen to Guttermouth (I know! What gives?) that it was gone.

I was recounting this to friends I had met up for buffet lunch last Saturday because it surprised me how easy it was for me to just let it go. It wasn't like I didn't value the thing. Anyone who's seen me on the bus knows that's the life blood of my trip and that it's best they not talk to me during my me-and-my-ipod time. It was more like, so what can remorse and regret do for you now? How is that going to serve you? How would that add to your life?

So I live in silence till I take my US trip in a couple of weeks where I plan to blow a decent (Please God, don't let it be indecent!) amount of moolah and live back in the land of the Sound of Music.

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