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Saturday, May 03, 2008

183 drafts

Yup, you read it right. I have 183 draft entries to this blog. Half-baked, half-thought-through, half-written entries of random Mayang thoughts. I'll try to upload them slowly. It's just that between work and prosocial projects, I find myself with less energy. And a lot less time to think.

Here's some randomness for you:

(1) I went for a run this morning. Who would've thought! It's my slowest time: 8.2kms in 1 hour. Ugh. But I did it. I got off my jiggly butt and ran. My second run this year. Running the marathon is still on my list for this year, but I will admit that it's still up in the air for me. I'm still not sure. And the whys are complicated. It's not just the running. It never really is as simple as that. I'll keep you posted.

(2) I'm in Jakarta this weekend to spread some pixie dust magic with orphans and my swanky hotel room's bathroom is mirrors galore. It's freaky to see myself naked from so many angles. It still requires such effort not to be so judgemental. To see myself and not list the areas of improvement. To just be grateful for this body that had the energy and the will to go for a run this morning. Maybe that's part of the challenge of being a woman. Moreso a woman nearing 40.

(3) I love room service. I sometime feel I can live in a hotel room for days on end.

(4) I realize that it's a little over a month till my work trip to NY. Maybe that's why I'm resisting going to the nearby Mall. Saving it for the Big Apple.

(5) I think it's time to tweak my eating - I've been gorging extra lately. Crap. Crap. Crap.

(6) I wonder if Baltimore is far from NY.

(7) I wonder if I can take a few days off after my work trip to catch up with Zippy and Bluggerbug.

(8) I can't wait to go back to Manila for work in July. The timing is perfect too because I get to celebrate Papa's 70th birthday. (Thanks Aslan!)

(9) I went for a TED Talks marathon last night. My brain is so full of what we can do to bring about concrete change on this earth. Manalive!

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