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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mayang Goes Googly-Eyed

This past week, I met a man I found so very attractive.

I am always entranced when I meet someone who seems to have himself figured out. This man carries himself in a unassuming yet confident way. He has a way of telling you something you don't know and not let it come across like he's showing you he knows more than you do.

And as a person, he is just thoroughly interesting to me. Of course I hardly know him so a lot of what he shares about himself I'm hearing for the first time, but I am impressed nonetheless. Maybe its the ironies of his life or the range of his interests. Maybe its his intellect or his astuteness or the fact that he is well-read and open-minded. And he loves where I come from, eventhough he's not from there. That alone... wow.

It just really blows my mind when I meet someone who clearly knows so much more than I and is willing to share this in a way that doesn't make you feel like you know less, but in a way that gives you a new perspective on things. What a freakishly sexy brain this man has in my eyes.

Above all, he's a man of faith (Not of the cloth, yeah!) Now I tell you, nothing is more attractive in my book than a God-fearing man. Only a man who has taken pains to get to know God, to struggle with the endless questioning and grapple with the audacity of faith will have the faith that fears Him. It is the kind of faith that is borne of the intimate, day-by-day friendship with God.

Sigh. Attraction. It's a high. :)

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