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Friday, April 11, 2008

It Comes As No Surprise I Guess

I was surfing my favorite blogs and while I was devouring details, soaking in waves of information and filtering what data to shove into my file tagged later, this realization hit me: Out of our geek group of five the only people in the blogosphere are the ones with journalism degrees.

The other two are broadcasting majors.

Figures. :)

In my heart though, I don't think I'm the only girl geek. Ding is one too. She just didn't spend as much time with the geeks as I did (smart girl, that cum laude chick).


Hannibal's wife now reads this blog (Hannibal's one of the geeks and he and his wife co-write a blog on their two sons, one of whom is my godson). Hello M! She told me over Christmas that she found it (hmm...I wonder how). I replied on FB on our email string on investments. Keep diversifying! And keep an eye on those funds. Lehman Brothers just liquidated three ailing funds yesterday after taking a US$1B hit. Painful.

And welcome too to L Trasmer! This really is an extra treat for me to have you in the room. After all those years of exchanging letters and voice tapes, here we are in the blogosphere. I miss hearing from you. You are one of only four people (Yvette and Melissa back in high school and Vanessa in college) with whom I have written a ton of letters to. Zippy when I was in Europe for the summer too - but that wasn't years and years like us.

Ding's been a-visiting Mayangland as well, which is a joy for me. Pray Ding that my ibook doesn't crash. It was on the brink during my natal day, then I prayed loudly over it and it got its groove back. (What can I say? Aslan's my MIS guy) In my new and improved mindset over money, I've told myself not to buy the Macbook until I get to the point when I can afford it. The scary bit here is that its relatively easy for me to go on a shopping hiatus but when I decide to shop...bam! I'm suddenly a member of Club21 because of the amount of money I blew (true story).

Pray I don't do that... again. :)

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