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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Welcome Boris!

Your humans just gave me yet another reason to want to be in Lalaland. Rats.

Look at those eyes. Resistance is so futile.

(Photo credit: Vanessa)


Nini Pooh said...

Hey Mai Kalamay! What a pleasant surprise to see my baby boy on the "front cover" of your blog. He has already grown so much from the time this photo was taken (a little less than half a year ago). And what a personality! Can't wait to tell you all about him and his antics with "Kuya" Ivan ("What is it, boy?!? What do you mean he's stuck in a cave?!?" - Bwahahaha!) so I do urge you to consider another visit SOON!

Mom & Pop are currently staying with us, and will be here in the US through May for the grad ceremonies of my nephew Julian & your inaanak (as you very well know), plus my other nephew from SFO, who is graduating from grade school. They would surely love to see you!

Super miss you so much, my friend...hope everything is well with you and your fam. Thanks for keeping us posted regarding your mom. So glad she made it through surgery ok. Now can I collect my homemade guava jelly (please do NOT let me resort to stealing again! Hahahaha!)?

'Til next time, sweetie pie! Take care and kisses to both you and Piglet.

Mayang said...

Hey hey Ninicakes!

Now I really want to visit! Finances are kind of tight right now, unfortunately, but it is what it is and so I've pretty much planned on not traveling anywhere unless work takes me there, so WHO KNOWS!

Thanks again for the turbo prayers for Ma. She's doing a-ok and is slowly getting back to her snarly self, so you can't imagine what a relief that is. I tell her incessantly that my true blue friends have been hankering for her yummy dishes! You look for her guava jelly, Peach craves for her rhum pie, Elaine bugs me to ask her to bake her chocolate cake with white icing.

If I do get to go to LA, of course you'll know insequida! In the meantime, enjoy the pooches and I can't wait to see Ivany again with his sidekick Boris! Let's invent thought bubbles!

Miss ya ALL! Hugs from us here in the Fine City!

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