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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kosher Conversations

I had this for dessert at a lunch with an editor friend last Tuesday. Seriously, what's not to like about homemade vanilla ice cream sandwiched by profiteroles, topped with decadent chocolate?

And my editor friend doesn't eat ice cream (go figure) so I had this to myself!

It was a fascinating lunch. Fascinating in the sense that if you're one of the few people who know me, you will find only slivers of who I am if you were a fly on the wall during that lunch. It's not that I wasn't being authentic, I was just not divulging a lot of personal opinion. I work in communications after all, which in my world means that in front of media - friend or foe or somewhere in between - I am cognizant of one thing: I am never off the record, and I am always going to be viewed as a company spokesperson.

So we speak of things that are kosher. We play a game where my editor friend tries to get info out of me and I share what I can while we both try to get to a place where we are both somewhat satisfied. That would mean my editor friend has something to hook into in terms of a story, and I have an opportunity to shape perception of her readers, my stakeholders.

It's a dance. And it works. It's the business of persuasion. And if you achieve your goals, reward yourself I say! Have the profiteroles! :)

(Photo credit: tednmiki)

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