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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Gift

"You have the gift."

That's what it said right out of the gate, this email I received last week.

"I do?" I think to myself. I actually say that out loud. (Which reminds me, I meant to ask you, do you talk to yourself? Cause I do. A LOT. I never thought to ask if that was normal. But then again, I've never really cared. Besides, I've been described in many ways and the word normal - or shy, or quiet - have never been used.)

"You have great potential." it continued. (I was beginning to feel like Ralph Macchio's character in "The Karate Kid.")

"I do?" said I, incredulous and unsure as I tiptoe around this concept of actually having people think I'm even borderline competent after a week at work that almost convinced me otherwise. (Almost, but not quite. Hah!)

So I write back. With questions galore. I haven't heard back yet, so we'll see. If it results in something, then good. I'm taking a discerning stance on this because my present life needs to be able to accommodate it because I don't have plans of churning out mediocre work.

I must say though, it was nice to hear these things. Maybe Aslan knew I needed to hear them. He never wastes a moment, right Zippy?


benjiedlp said...

real happy for you!

not a move wasted.

(He does, though, like moving on His own time. Which is why I am getting antsy.)


Mayang said...

I'm way too familiar with Aslan taking His own sweet time. Hmm... where do I begin? :)

Have you watched "Evan Almighty?"

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