"I am large. I contain multitudes." - Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Sunday, March 16, 2008

And I Will Follow

Have you ever had a certain book come into your life just when you needed to hear the message it conveyed? Or encounter a friend who unintentionally strikes a deep chord with you by something she says nonchalantly? Akin to a "Eureka!" moment?

I know exactly how that feels. I've also experienced having a song come my way - a song that bespeaks of where I have been led and where I'm being led to - just in the most heartrendingly perfect way. It's like Aslan stage directing a segue and I am onstage all my lonesome and He's cued the lights.

Here's a song I belt out in my solitude standing. A song that came to me in a season of internal seismic shifts in my outlook and attitude towards the blessing that is my life. I shut all the windows in my flat, close my eyes and get to a place where all that matters is this perfect suitably alto song that sings of a core, unchanging, immovable belief.

And I Will Follow

Ask me something easier
A smile, a kiss…
Look, I'll give you anything
But don't ask me this.
Don't ask for faith when there's no great supply,
Don't ask for love when I'm just now beginning to feel it
Don't know quite why.

Here come the waves - here comes the ocean -
How to decide?
What's there to risk? Why is the course unclear?
Practical fact, foolish emotion,
Terrible pride…
What's there to fear?
Take me from here!

And I will follow
I will follow,
And you will lead me there.

I should resist,
I should refuse you.
Ask me again!
See how I’m strong?
See how I keep my vow?
Maybe I’ll trip –
Maybe I’ll lose you!
What happens then?
What happens now!
Just show me how…

And I will follow
I will follow,
And you will lead me there.

Oh, all the voices that tell me to stand my ground -
Oh, all the voices that beg me to stay -
All representing the life that I'd planned around
Do what's expected,
Do what's accepted,
Do what you're told to,
Until today!
'Til today…

I will follow
I will follow,
And you will lead me

I will follow
And you will lead me there.

Song by: Jason Robert Brown

(Photo credit: Rob Chiu)

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