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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Righting the Wrongs

A minor health scare in 2005 convinced me to go for my annual check up from then on and this has allowed me to plot some of my health stats in the last three years.

One of many consistencies was my cholesterol level which has remained above the desirable range of under 200 mg/dL. It's not high enough to merit medication, but certainly needed to be addressed. I must say that the total-to-bad ratio remains ok though (the ideal is to have it below 4.4)

Here's where I stand:
In 2005, it was 245 mg/dL with a ratio of 2.82
In 2006, it was 231 mg/dL with a ratio of 2.75
In 2007, it was 236 mg/dL with a ratio of 2.51

Frustrated that I haven't made a significant move towards the desirable total cholesterol range, I've been eating oatmeal every morning now. My next check is in June and I am hoping this daily dose will do the trick.

I sure hope I don't get sick of oatmeal. I really love oatmeal.

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benjiedlp said...

hey chim,

if it's tryglicerides, my doctor put me on Lovaza and it's been working for me.

fasting regularly also seems to help. (esp if you do it the day before you get the blood test. hehehe)


Mayang said...

Hey Zippy,

My tryglicerides are ok.
My HDL is ok.
My total/HDL ratio is ok.
My LDL is slightly off.
But my total cholesterol is above the desirable range - not too high that my doc wants me on meds - which explains the oatmeal strategy.

Wish me luck!

The fasting the night before is easy - it's not drinking coffee in the morning that bums me out! :)

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