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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Duty. Honor. Opportunity

We are back home and I am getting ready to leave for the airport. Mama is tired, but she's in great spirits. She is a trooper. On the way home, she kept reading the license plates of the cars on the street. It was like she was test-driving her right eye's peripheral vision. She says her sight is better, even if she can only see peripherally. "I'll be able to see now if the person I'm playing mahjong with is cheating," she says with a smile.

In the frenzy, my nephew asks if he can stay home and not go to the airport with me because he's tired (from preschool?!). I know he wants to stay because he wants to watch Martin Mystery on Disney Channel. I say it's ok, I'll have his younger brother come to the airport with me. For a second, he is conflicted, then he looks at me with those doleful eyes and says "But Mamai, I don't want to go." I embrace him and say, that's alright, no worries. Can you give me three kisses? He does, and I pretend to count wrongly, he's exasperated with me again for not knowing how to count (deal with it, kiddo).

My Mama sits in the dining room, I tell her to rest and not take me to the airport, she says ok. I kiss her on the cheek goodbye. And she whispers "Thank you, ha, Day." She says it like it wasn't my duty as her daughter to take care of her. I know she's saying it because she means it, that she appreciates that I was there. I tell her to take it easy.

Beyond it being my duty, I realize once again that it is my privilege. It is my honor to honor her. To honor Pa.

On the way to the airport, I pray, teach me to love them well, Lord.


benjiedlp said...

Aslan says you're a pretty good student.

I agree.


Mayang said...

Too good for me, you are. He is.

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