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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Answer Me These

According to ECA International, the human resource global network, workers in Singapore are expected to be given a five per cent pay rise in 2008, higher than the 4.5% pay rise in 2007. But with a projected inflation rate of five to six per cent this year, how do not only maintain your lifestyle, but above and beyond that, how do you make your money grow?

Another question: In light of what appears to be an inevitable recession in the US economy, what changes in your investment portfolio should you make to continue growing your money?

To phrase these questions in another way: Where are the opportunities and how are we to take advantage of these?

If you have answers, let me know!


Anonymous said...

as per the current market conditions and volatile economy, i believe the only way to go is to invest in mutual funds...


Mayang said...

I have monies there already. And I'm already looking into getting another.

Also, I think market volatility doesn't take away from the effectiveness of mutual funds as a saving vehicle.


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