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Monday, January 14, 2008

15 Years

Today marks the day 15 years ago when I left Manila to live in Singapore. I was 22 years old.

Really, sometimes, it feels like a blink of an eye, all these years. When I look back, I can see though how closely Christ has led me and how He continues to do just that. I'm not always willing, mind you. But if there's anything I know of Christ, it is that He is persistent, relentless and single-minded in His pursuit of my heart. Who can resist such a love?

There are moments when I think of that 22 year old version of myself and I find I am full of empathy and understanding towards her. I yearn to embrace her and say "Hold on. It's a wild ride, but it is worthwhile, it has meaning and purpose. God is with you. God is working on you." The first year was a difficult year, but I wouldn't trade it for anything because I found God there. It wasn't like I wasn't aware that He was with me prior to my moving to Singapore. I guess what I'm saying is that all those morning meet-ups with God prepared me in part for that step and each new step I took before me.

So this morning, I look up at the heavens and I thank God for His leading. I thank You for not just the past 15 years, but for all of the years of my life.

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Babs said...

happy anniversary! =)
hope you did not finish the chocs all in one sitting. ha ha ha
and i hope you liked the choc book.


Mayang said...

Hey Babs! Thanks!

You'd be so proud of me! I still have a couple of chocolate bars left! Take about savoring each bite! Thanks a lot again to you and Juni for the chocolate overload!

I quite like the chocolate book. Benj and Vickie gave me a chocolate book too! See how wonderful my friends are? :)

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