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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

Because God can hear you, you know.

At last Saturday's conference, I found myself unsurprisingly in awe of Bo Sanchez's keynote talk. It was mesmerizing to witness his witness. Working in Comms, when I listen to someone delivering a message, I've been trained not just to scrutinize the message, but also the way it was delivered and how effectively the message was conveyed. I cannot tell you how high this man scores on all fronts. He is gifted by God and clearly, efficiently, effectively and compellingly he uses it for God's glory.

I will admit, I was somewhat envious. In a healthy, wanting-to-hone-my-speaking-in-public-skills kind of way. And given that one of the things that hit home for me at the conference was that I continue to enjoy and have passion for my work, I vowed to look for ways to better the skills I already have in public speaking and writing.

Then yesterday at work, I was informed that I've been signed up for a two-day, off-site course this week on "Leading with Presence" which includes developing your storytelling skills and another two-day off-site in Hong Kong next week for media training with my non-TV counterparts in the Asia Pacific.

Manalive, this Aslan is swift! :)

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